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Long Labia Babes is the brainchild of Chaz Fontana.  He absolutely loves women with long labia!  And you can tell from the first time the site loads.  The movies are streaming, but man are they fast and also in 1080p spec!  They are going to 4k in 2016, so I can only image what long labia porn would look like in 4k.  Because I have never seen it!  So thats awesome!  And he sticks to this kind of content.  Rest assured, when you are a member of Long Labia Babes, that’s all you get.  Nothing but long labia babes and long labia lesbian content.  And the Long Labia Lesbian content is freaking awesome.  His girls dig each other out, tongue deep and it’s real.  Something thats really important to him.  In a nutshell, this site is a win-win!  They ust started last year and they are growing and growing each and every week.

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